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Enrich & Enriched


I don’t just walk or train your dog. I enrich her life and yours through a program of exercise, mental stimulation, and training personalized to the needs of your dog and your busy schedule.


enrich, verb
: to make rich or richer, especially by the addition of a desirable quality, attribute, or ingredient


enriched dog, noun
: a dog who operates at her best physically, mentally, and behaviorally; a dog who is a joy to live with

enriched dog walking

Enriched dog walking

Your dog will enjoy a regular program of exercise and mental stimulation customized to her age, energy level, temperament, and health. You’ll enjoy a healthier, happier, calmer dog to come home to.

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dog trainer school

Enriched dog training

I reinforce good manners on every walk, but if your dog’s manners could use a bit of extra attention or polish, I’ll add a personalized training program to attain her best behavior for you, too.

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Ready to enjoy an Enriched Dog?


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Hello, Neighbor!

I’m Ellen Owens, owner of The Enriched Dog. I believe in personalized customer service and high standards of quality control, so I’ve kept The Enriched Dog small—just me. I’m the one you’ll talk to you when you call, and the one who’ll knock on your door if you set up a walking meet & greet or training consult. And it will be me personally walking or training your dog—not an employee or a part-time hobbyist sent out by a computer app. If you’re like me, you want the best for your dog. It’s my passion to provide that, and to provide you the peace of mind that comes with it, too.


Learn more about my philosophy and my professional credentials here.


Or if you have questions or are ready for an enriched dog, I’d love to hear from you!


Call me at (646) 643.1441


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Enriched dog walking and dog training for discerning dog owners in the Lower East Side, Bowery, Soho, Nolita, and Chinatown
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